Best Bed Bug Exterminators and General Pest Control Professionals. What Makes Ampulex Pest Control Above the Competition?

We started our company on an ideal: simply offering honest, quality pest control service without preying on peoples' emotions with high prices. When people encounter pest infestations (especially bedbugs) it has a very heavy emotional impact. Oftentimes, companies take advantage and inflate prices. We do quality work and we guarantee our service. We keep coming back until your problem is solved and we are there for you ever step of the way. With long-term warranties and quality service you cannot go wrong choosing Ampulex as your Pest Control Professional.


     We work with your schedule. Day or night.


    Our pest control services offer the greatest value for your cost. No hidden fees or loop holes. Only Professional grade products with competitive program prices. 


    We offer fast and free pest quotes. We never pressure customers to schedule or commit to anything they do not want or need. We encourage you to check reviews & shop around before making any decision. Questions and local bed bug inspections are free, so take advantage!  

Mission statement

Ampulex Environmental Solutions mission is simple. To provide honest, effective, and affordable solutions to our customers' facing pest problems. We aim to take the stress out of pest control by making each and everyone of our customers' feel appreciated and taking care of those unwanted pest!

Why choose ampulex Pest Control?

  • Ampulex is voted as a 2017 Thumbtack Top Pro for a long record of quality service and customer satisfaction.

  • Ampulex has been accredited by the BBB for meeting service standards and customer expectations.


Our pest control experts only use to best professional products on the market. These products cannot be purchased over the counter. With the most effective products and thorough application techniques our program effectiveness cannot be matched.


We consistently earn 5 Star Reviews from our customers. Clients see the time and effort we take during inspections and treatments. It is essential to be thorough and treat every crack and crevice. It is also essential to provide customer education, so we can work as a team to get rid of unwanted pests. We also offer long term warranties on our services. 


Our treatment processes are very successful at eliminating bed bugs & other pests. We only start your warranty once all clear from live bug activity. We are always willing to go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations. Our programs prices are below our big competitors, but the quality is far above! We offer a payment plan option for bed bug control with no added fees or interest. Bottom line you will get the greatest value at the lowest price!

I have spent a number of years in the pest control industry. I started off in sales and loved the job. The part I loved most was being able to truly help people who were in difficult situations. A lot of people don’t realize the emotional toll a bedbug infestation has on a person, or how thoroughly quality of life is impacted when being overrun with cockroaches, or even the worry of losing one’s real estate value from termite damage. We take great pleasure in letting people “breathe easy” again.
— S. Eric Johnston
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S. Eric Johnston

Eric is a husband and father of three that developed a passion for protecting others from the hassle and dangers of pests. He is committed to providing quality pest control services at fair prices. Our five star rated team of pest control technicians work under his management following the best pest control practices. Eric is very knowledgeable and fully certified. He enjoys staying educated on the latest advancements in Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

His compassion for each individual struggling with active infestations truly is what sets our company apart from other big name pest control companies.

Nothing speaks louder than customer reviews. Check ours below:

Ampulex Environmental Solutions, LLC BBB Business Review