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Our mission is simple. To provide honest, effective, and affordable solutions to our customers' facing pest problems. We aim to take the stress out of pest control by making each and everyone of our customers' feel appreciated while getting rid of those unwanted pests! Don't deal with infestations, bugs, or bites alone. We keep coming back until your problem is solved and we are there for you ever step of the way!

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Jonah h.
11d ago

If competence had a mascot, it would without a doubt be Eric from Ampulex Environmental Solutions. Having dealt with bed bugs in the past I knew exactly what I was looking for in a company to help me with my problem and I immediately recognized Eric as a professional, knowledgeable and caring person. During his inspection not only did he do a thourrough job of checking my home but he also assured me that having bed bugs was not my fault and it was nothing to be ashamed of which was an incredible load off my mind. Eric will give you the perfect list of preparations for a bed bug treatment and the know how to prevent something like this happening in the future and I'm thrilled to say that after his treatment my home is bed bug free and I can get a good night sleep.I would recommend Ampulex to anyone facing a pest issue of any kind. Do yourself a favor, don't let big name companies take DOUBLE the amount of money, send an unskilled person to your house and leave you with the same problem you started with. Instead, call Eric who has a vast knowledge of pests and genuinely cares if you are comfortable in your own home.

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Don't deal with pest infestations alone. Ampulex is here to help! Contact us today for a Free Quote or to Schedule a Free local bed bug inspection. We know it is serious inviting someone into your home or business, so we encourage you to check our reviews before making a decision. At Ampulex we truly care about our customers' dealing with pest infestations and their experience working with us. No high pressure sales tactics. Just Fast & Free Quotes. 

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