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Professional Cockroach Control Ohio

Cockroach Control

This picture shows newly hatched German cockroach ootheca. These little devils are feasting on their mom! Ampulex has Affordable Cockroach Services. Don't let cockroaches live rent free in your home. Not only are cockroaches unwelcome pests, but they can cause many health issues like allergies or trigger asthma, especially in children. Ampulex Exterminators offer multiple treatments with a 60 day warranty for one low program price. Our quality service is above our competitors while our prices remain well below. Always available for a Free Cockroach Control Quote!

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Professional Bed Bug Control bedbug infestation severe

Bed Bug Control

At Ampulex we focus on first the elimination of the problem and then provide education on preventing future infestations. Bed bugs are indiscriminate regardless of wealth, race, or socioeconomic status. It is important to know that this is not your fault. Together we can achieve complete bed bug extermination, so you can sleep easy without the stress of these unwelcome guests in your home. We will arrive at your address with unmarked vehicles to protect your privacy. We discreetly serve all those who need our services with no stigma attached. We make Bed Bug Services Affordable for All. Yes, our prices are typically half the cost of other big name exterminators. This does not mean that our services are any less effective. It only means we want to provide fair and reasonable prices, so no one has to live with bed bugs, simply because they cannot afford expensive programs. We keep coming back until your problem is solved and we are there for you every step of the way. Our team of pest experts are truly here to help, so call today for a fast & free bed bug quote. Ampulex only uses the highest quality products and all of our services are guaranteed! We truly value and love our customers! Please call, message, or email anytime for more information. Current $100 Bed Bug Program Discount. More bed bug service information is provided under the Bed Bug Control page.

Professional Pest Control ant infestation

General Pest Control Services

Don't see your particular pest listed? That's okay..just Contact us for a Free Pest Quote! From fleas or ant infestations, stinging insect problems, spider control or other pest control needs you're facing Ampulex has qualified professionals with pest control solutions. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of each family or business within their budget. All of our pest control programs are guaranteed and come with a warranty, so there is nothing to lose when choosing Ampulex! If you ever are in need of pest identification or just have questions contact us anytime. Ampulex is here to help and will never make you feel pressured to commit to anything you don't want or need.

Mosquito Abatement Professional Mosquito Control Vector Control Tick Control

Mosquito/Tick Vector Control

Ampulex uses a multi-tiered approach to reduce mosquito populations by eliminating larvae and adult mosquitoes. This is key in reducing the populations of these dangerous disease vectors like ticks and mosquitoes. We also offer all natural mosquito & tick programs that are very effective and environment friendly. We provide mosquito control to many residences as well as commercial establishments with outdoor venues. We also have special programs for one time mosquito services for outdoor events. Don't let mosquitoes keep you from enjoying the outdoors. Contact us today for a Free Pest Control Quote!

Professional Termite Control Termite Infestation

Wood Destroying Insects

Termites and Carpenter Ants can be scary! We know that you care about your home, business, or structure too much for it to be damaged by these pests. Don't wait for the damage to become detrimental. Call us at the first possible signs of termite infestation. Swarming insects are a sign of termite activity. Check out our blog for help in spotting termite activity. Protect your home from wood destroying insects. Ampulex also specializes in home inspections for wood destroying insect reports. The state of Ohio requires these WDIRs for every real estate transaction. We understand it pays to be thorough before you buy a home and you can trust Ampulex to do just that. We provide quality inspections, carpenter ant or bee control, and termite bait station installation that you can rely on at a reasonable rate. Contact us for a Free Termite Quote!

Wood Destroying Insects can Attack more than your home. These photos show Ampulex installing Advance Termite Bait Stations to protect these beautiful tree carvings from futher termite damage.

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Jonah h.
11d ago

If competence had a mascot, it would without a doubt be Eric from Ampulex Environmental Solutions. Having dealt with bed bugs in the past I knew exactly what I was looking for in a company to help me with my problem and I immediately recognized Eric as a professional, knowledgeable and caring person. During his inspection not only did he do a thourrough job of checking my home but he also assured me that having bed bugs was not my fault and it was nothing to be ashamed of which was an incredible load off my mind. Eric will give you the perfect list of preparations for a bed bug treatment and the know how to prevent something like this happening in the future and I'm thrilled to say that after his treatment my home is bed bug free and I can get a good night sleep.I would recommend Ampulex to anyone facing a pest issue of any kind. Do yourself a favor, don't let big name companies take DOUBLE the amount of money, send an unskilled person to your house and leave you with the same problem you started with. Instead, call Eric who has a vast knowledge of pests and genuinely cares if you are comfortable in your own home.

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