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When most people discover a cockroach infestation in their home or business, they immediately start to panic. It can seem expensive, stressful, and embarrassing.

Luckily, Cincinnati residents know they can always call Ampulex for affordable and efficient pest control services. Not only do we offer services that won't break the bank, we will also help educate on preventative measures for the future. All of our clients know they can give us a call if they need trustworthy advice or services.

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Affordable & Effective Cockroach Pest Control

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The Truth About Cockroaches

German Cockroaches are one of the few insects that are oviparous. That basically means that they carry this eggsac (ootheca) right up until the time of birth. Hard to believe, but up to 48 baby roaches can come out of one of these. They can get out of hand pretty quickly, because they're so prolific. They're also one of the more difficult insects to treat due to a potential pesticide resistance. However, no matter the severity of cockroach infestation, our Ampulex Pest Control Professionals can help. This article attached in the link is an interesting read on the reality of cockroaches and the potential health hazards these infestations can cause.